Vera-Fi Audio LLC Snubway Shipment

Has Anyone received their Preorder of Snubway Yet.?

Lables created March 31 2024 pre-shipment  USPS is not installing much confidence at this point..


In the e-mail from Damien I received today, the Snubways are still not in stock.  He claims the carrier is at fault. They provided erroneous shipping information.  He is awaiting a correct tracking number.  When he gets that he intends to drive to the carrier facility to personally pick up the units.


That is very interesting and kind of conflicting information that I was given by Mark this morning.. draw your own conclusion... not sure what to tell you at this point but something is not right. Read Marks response to me below.

Good Morning Tom

After a lot of hand wringing DHL handed off our boxes to USPS 
We HAVE THAT TRACKER and it's due to Damien today 
We feel awful but the weather and other factors brought us here 
Damiens office is OUTSIDE of their delivery area 
We won't use them in the future 
Weather is finally better as well
Doing our utmost 

I agree...My experience with Mark was super positive. I would do business with him again with no hesitation.

My dealings with Mark have been spot on. I'm probably bais as I like talking to him! I have zero concern that anything nefarious is going on. I continue to be glad I will get mine as soon as they get in. 

Mark and Damien are good as gold - don’t worry, you will receive your order : )


In friendship - kevin

I've personally experienced nothing but professionalism and good service from Vera-Fi.

Every business has the occasional disruption due to weather and other shipping issues. The UPS strike around the early 2000s was very painful for my small business and resulted in several very angry customers and, perhaps these days, a nasty forum thread.

Their Swiss Digital Fuse Box has been the most effective for the money audio accessory I've tried in the last forty years. As soon as I can afford it, I plan to upgrade a few critical components in my recording/production studio where it's a lot easier to hear the benefits of fine tuning devices like this. We have some big semi-modular, other types of synthesizers/keyboards and other sound design tools along with all the other stuff one would find in a small production studio. Upgrading power supplies, providing clean AC (we use Puritan PSM156 units in all three studios) and performing tweaks otherwise reserved for the consumer audio market, have resulted in often surprisingly good results. Not sure if anyone else in the industry has figured this out yet, including Hans Zimmer, someone my sons and I hold in the highest regard. I'd love to get my hands on his production studio or just hang out.

Lets face it, shipping anything is a hit or miss prospect lately, it is slowly getting better but still no where close to what it was back it 2019.  I am not concerned about this order because I know Mark will get mine to me as soon as he can, Damien seems to be a capable young man also.

Just received pictures from Mark, the Snubways have been delivered and getting ready for delivery can't post pics here but they look cool.

Mark and Damien finally got them my  "Sincere apologies" for doubting you guys.

Looking forward to their arrival and using them in my system.!!



mine arrived here in hawaii yesterday!  lol I agree the delay was pretty long.  worth it though, it's a beautifully made device.  

Received mine yesterday as well, plugged it in for 12 hours and did a preliminary check today. I thought my system was pretty silent and was surprised what the SnubWay contributed. More clarity, tighter and deeper bass, better dynamics and greater silence between images. I am hearing images beyond my speakers outside boundaries on many recordings. 
So far I have only listened to streaming with my Eversolo A6 and CDs, haven’t gotten to vinyl yet. Great addition in my system, well worth the wait. Of the Vera Fi products I own the SnubWay makes the most obvious difference for the better. I have the SDFB on my Lampizator DAC and a Puron installed. Just received my Graphene Sluggo today for the SDFB but am waiting for a few days to get more familiar with the changes with the SnubWay. Great product Mark!

Hello, sorry to ask this question here but I didn't want to open a separate thread.

I read that the owner (Mark) of Vera-fi audio had some problems with the justice in the past. I didn't understand exactly what was the problem but probably something related to scamming.

My genuine questions, not knowing the background:

Can we technically trust these products?

Can we also be sure that they will be shipped out regularly without any surprises?

Thanks in advance...I hope that Mark himself can shed some lights on this "topic", if he wants obviously.


Your "concern" about Mark has been asked and answered in the past on Audiogon so maybe search through the threads versus rehashing the topic. Also, check the threads regarding Puron, Swiss Digital Fuse Box about product satisfaction


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My mistake. I have deleted my post and should have done my own bit of research before commenting.


or anyone else who may have believed what Mark was accused of and plead out.

The law is often lazy and corrupt. About 20 years ago my vehicle was stolen from my driveway. Naturally, I got a police report, and filed the report with my insurance company, cancelled my drivers license, credit cards and checking account. Roughly 2 years later Im taking a afternoon nap upstairs. I hear my name being called inside my house (WTF!) I walk to the upstairs landing and see 2 police officers in my house! I wish I knew about getting a lawyer to sue them for entering without invitation, or the cop who filed a false report. They didn’t even have a actual warrant, but faked it and took me to jail. Spent the night in jail not knowing why! Pretty scary for a mid 60s man who was never arrested. Trying to dig out of it on my own, they wanted me to plead guilty. NFW! 2 lawyer$$$$ and 2 years later, I finally had my day in court. Charges were dismissed. I kept telling that lawyer to sue for filing a false police report, but he didn’t, then had the gall to say I could refile the law suit based on what I wanted him to do in the first place. Too much anguish and trouble, so I move on having spent thousands to protect my innocence. Does my scenario with the law have anything in common with Marks? I don’t know, but what I do know IS: in the eyes of the law you are actually GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT! I also know that in some 30 years of dealing with him, he’s been honest with me in all our audio dealings, going back to the first Audio Alchemy



A grand jury has indicted the 53 year-old on suspicion of stealing $180,034 through an ongoing charity fraud. On Friday, Colorado Attorney General John Suthers announced the indictment, saying the grand jury accused Schifter of running 27 different illegal charity raffles on where he kept most of the money for himself.

Of that amount, only $29,500 was ever given to the ostensible recipients of the donated raffle money... Many charities that Mark Schifter said would receive large amounts of donations from his raffles, in fact, received nothing... The scam not only defrauded Colorado consumers, but it also preyed on their generosity... In fact, most of the organizations were unaware that a so-called raffle was being held to benefit them.

According to this article from 2010, he was sentenced to 20 years probation and two years of work release, and required to pay $110,000 in restitution.


With all the threads that have been opened up recently regarding Verafi and its products I was wondering when someone would finally resurrect Mark "Shape" Schifter's past and re expose it to the light of day. I was sorely tempted myself but decided to lay off since I'm not expecting to get involved with any products that are affiliated with his name. But the cat's out of the bag now for this (at least) two time scammer/loser (don't forget the more recent Core Power debacle) and my own counsel to anyone considering commerce with this bum is "...RUN LIKE HELL". The AGON archives should have a boatload of material on the aforementioned Core Power Tech fiasco and I encourage anyone to seek them out before considering a transaction.

@Ozzy: The Purons are not available because Vera-fi is launching their updated (better) version of the plug: Main Stream plug.

That’s at least according to Mark & Damien.

@Acresverde: I understand your point (I actually re-triggered the story about Mark’s past) but we also need to consider that hundreds of Purons have been sold by Vera-fi without any problems. If I’m not mistaken Mark offered also 30days of trial period...

And... I understand that, technically, these plugs are improving the audio quality.’s going into the opposite direction of ’’scamming/fraud’’.

@ miracle 1980    In case you haven't noticed, everything always starts out peachy with this guy and then the bottom falls out. "...where's my..." threads start to pop up and then the litany of hard luck stories and excuses begin to flow. With Schifter, everything is great until it's not. It's like getting hacked...all your info, etc., is secure (don't you worry your pretty little head) til it's not.