Best options for in-wall ethernet cabling for new home

Hi Guys, I'm building a new home and finally a dedicated media room all to myself! I'll be installing 6 hardwired ethernet locations, each location will have 2 independent cables; 1 for a Smart TV and the other for a Roon endpoint. The electrician is calling out Cat 7 Ethernet, is that the correct/best way to go? Is there a recommended cable brand and part number?

I'll be on AT&T Fiber at 1,000 Mbps up/down. ASUS ROG Rapture WiFi Gaming Router (GT-AC5300) for WiFi. All locations will be fed from a 16 port network switch and would like a recommendation for make and model on that as well? 

Any advice will be welcomed, thanks in advance!

I put cat-5 in my house about 25 years ago and it readily goes to 1GB without issue.  Once the 2.5GB switches are cheaper I'll add them as well (the point is that if installed correctly, it will work with newer standard gear.  I probably have about 48 ports available in my house and garages, at least one in every room, larger room 2-3.

This advice is expensive, but put in a conduit in the wall so you can pull the next big thing, maybe fiber or something else.  Or not;  it may be cheaper to just rip up the walls and install something new someday.

Anyone who tells you WiFi is just as good is lying to you ;)

You've already installed (since this is an old thread), but pretty typical installation rules are no hard 90% bends, avoid proximity to fluorescent lights, limiting runs to 300  feet, etc.

As to switches, Like most digital gear, it either meets the spec or it doesn't.  In the digital realm every is measurable and provable with the right equipment.