Tidal removing all MQA

As the title states Tidal will be removing all MQA and replacing titles with FLAC instead.  Per an email I just received:


On July 24, 2024, we’re replacing the music in TIDAL’s MQA catalog with FLAC versions.


Listen to whatever media you like, (albums, digital, digital streaming, analog tape) and whatever file format ,(FLAC, MQA, raw analog, tape, digital lossless, AIFF, or low resolution digital files). There is enough room for all music devices and quality. It’s fair to say many audiophiles have hearing loss anyway. Listen and enjoy to your hearts content and don’t let grumpy or arrogant hi-fi snobs tell you you can’t or shouldn’t listen to MQA or anything (Bose wave radio or Oontz Bluetooth speaker) BTW I was in my garage yesterday listening to Chicago’s greatest hits ion an Oontz 3 speaker and enjoying every minute of it. When cassette tape comes back, many audio nuts will have plenty of fun. What’s wrong with it???

Switched from Tidal to Qobuz long ago because I hated MQA so much. So: long overdue, IMO.

@hickamore My exact sentiments exactly. I had to wait a while longer than most, as it took some time for Qobuz to open its doors in Canada but once they did I ran to them with open arms. 

I use both. There are some albums I like on tidal that just don’t live in Qobuz. 
I’m glad they’re moving away from MQA and I hope that results in hi res files sounding better than MQA now on a non-MQA equipment. We’ll see.