I am planning to upgrade my speaker cable and interconnect to the HIJIRI cables but budget is a constraint I can do one cable at a time.

So my friends which cable should be my first purchase the speaker cable or the interconnect.


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No not both for that price, the Tron ended up being direct through the distributor who was much easier to deal after the trust deficit Colin created, a much more ethical person to deal with IMO. I paid the freight on that one and those expectations were very clearly set up front. Glad I got to hear the Tron, but it didn’t live up to the hype Gestalt created over it.

Getting back on topic is fine, I’ve made my point..I don’t challenge dealers like this, and I pride myself on good relationships with dealers and I have many. This situation could have absolutely been handled differently than it was and it most certainly rubbed me the wrong way. He made his choice and ultimately I am just expressing my dissatisfaction.

@jasbirnandra Honestly I think @geauxaudio gave you the best answer you could hope to find. As he suggested contact Colin at Gestalt for his opinion on the matter. 

If you get 20 more responses here and half say IC's and half say speaker cables how much more helpful will that be?