Reynaud Bliss Jubile vs Cantabile Jubile

Has anyone here heard the latest iterations of these two soeakers and can describe the differences. I've read Bob Neill's write-up of these two on his website, but the descriptions are a bit hard for me to grasp, perhaps not specific enough for me. They're also written by someone who is trying to sell them. I'd like to hear from those who might not have as much of stake in the game. Bob does think the Cantabile is the better speaker, but is it a small improvement or a significant one? 


It's also hard to find reviews on these. There are a couple out the, but not comparing to each other. 


Thanks for any insights here. 



I received my JMR CJs in Sept of 2022 retiring a circa 2001 pair of Cantabile Mk1s (single bass driver...) I think they are capable of magic when the recording is just right. Luckily I listen to a lot of string quartets, solo piano, singer songwriter.

I use a Jadis integrated - Orchestra Black with a tube cd player - a Lector and and LP12 w EAR 834 P phono stage.

For a while I used a Blue Circle integrated which have recommended with JMRs. Did things well but prefer how tubes sound. The sound is lit from within.

Rock sounds better on vinyl than on CD.

I don’t listen loudly and I live in a small apartment so the speakers are 9" from the rear wall and 7.5 feet apart from each other. 9 foot ceilings. Speakers fire straight ahead and the wall w couch is only 12’ from the speakers. So not a lot of room to blend the sound. I’m sitting too close and that’s not good for the clarity of those speakers. JMRs dont really have the mini monitor mid bass bump so nothing really hits you in the tummy. they can go really low but this is not a speaker for hip hop. But the last 3 Lana Del Rey cds sound magical. They are delicate and very clear. Not analytical at all. I think they have a sweet spot where they sound their best.

Trust me there are times where I crave some mini monitors like QLNs w warmer overall sound. they would not scale the heights of the JMRs but they wouldn't be so recording dependent. Either that or an amp w loudness contour.

Oh I use Auditorium 23 cables and interconnects with them.  Those were an amazing difference maker w the new tube amp etc.  Added so much more life to the music but no added brightness.  Highly recommend them.  I hear much more space and life and bass.  They are not analytical at all. Perfect w tubes.  

I’ve ordered a DECWARE Z ROCK 2 tube bass restoring device - - which seems to be made for many of the issues I have: a lean sounding speaker and a bright room.

Thoughts comments ?



I have the Bliss and one of the standout attributes to me is how well they do ALL sorts of music..Except for maybe some metal, but all that music was recorded like sh*t so I think it's more that than the speaker. 

I can't speaker for the CJs but I would imgine they are sounds like the Bliss but better. Might be placement or they are pressurizing a small room too much? 

I now have the Cantabile Jubile, just took delivery today. The Bliss were so wonderful I am now exploring the line. The CJs are showing the SAME limitations upon breaking them in. Tight, stiff, congested on certain passages, occasionally shouty. Sound stage a little strained maybe not as wide. But this time around I have the confidence to know this is just a difficult speaker to break in that just doesn’t sound great out of the box. But once they break in, they are hands-down the BEST value in speakers on the market today. I have owned Wilson Sabrina X and I am already hearing signs with these CJs they will surpass those speakers, which are 4x the cost.

I have them broken in, they’re wonderful...Livlier than the Bliss for sure, and the mid range is still to die for similar to the bliss but more real-life. The one thing I would like to have more of is bass. It tends to be overall a tigher, cleaner bass presentation with the Cantabile so it can make the mind think there is a lack of bass. It’s there on some recordings, to the extent I can feel it in my chest, but on others I wish I had a looser bass response. Chubbier bass. This speaker doesn’t really reproduce chubby bass very well, but it’s not a deal breaker. I think it’s a result of the slimmer design and smaller drivers.

Overall it’s a spectacular speaker, definitely more resolving than the bliss, better imaging, lush mid range, spooky dynamics, and sparkling, non-fatiguing, highs. Wonderful speaker that dances. I think if you want deeper bass (Im referring to it as chubbier, looser bass) you go to the Orfeo.