Racks, equipment and footers

I would like to get a new rack and isolation footers for the rack and/or equipment. The high-end stuff like HRS, might be best, but it's out of my budget. There are so many choices, especially of footers. I'm thinking of going with a nice enough wood rack for aesthetic reasons and footers under each of the components to maximize performance. The system is upstairs with a wooden floor.  No turntable. Questions:

  • should I put footers under the rack and/or just the components?
  •  What about spikes - to drain rather than springs, so I avoid springs interacting with springs
  • if I'm going to put footers under each component, does the material,  construction, weight, etc. of the rack still matter much?
  •  It would be cheaper to just put footers under the rack and leave the components with the rubber feet -  is this less effective?
  • Should I put the same footers under all the components, or is it mix-and-match?

Any thoughts welcome along with specific recommendations on footers.

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Don’t discount the Adona racks Mike Lavigne used for years before the change to Massif.  Bought mine a few years ago also acknowledging Mike’s choice in my mind.  No regrets.  www.adonacorporation.com

Depending on where you live, I custom build racks to user's needs (# shelves, height, width, etc.) and will deliver and set up with a reasonable radius of where I live. The shelves are all individually isolated and fully adjustable. An example can be viewed on my system page.

For a relatively inexpensive (compared to HRS/CMS and other top isolation racks) but some decent damping properties, wood is a great choice.

Box Furniture Company here

Timbernation here

ButcherBlock Acoustics here

Core Audio Designs here - a bit more money, but more isolation tech